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For five days Ufa became the center of the world again, but this time the youth attraction. More than a thousand students from 17 countries of the SCO and BRICS and 15 regions of Russia were able to not only get to know each other, but also to establish business contacts. And let them all speak different languages, the program of the festival was an event where the participants understood each other without an interpreter.

& Laquo; Student Spring & raquo; at the height of summer
Just a couple of hours ago Eduard Nasyrov successfully defended his thesis at the University of Petroleum, and now takes the Bashkir song “Zenger kuldek” to an international audience. Powerful vocals oilman audience listened with bated breath. And on the second chorus is already singing along to all the audience.

Eduard Nasyrov, party Univervideniya – 2016 / g. Ufa / “Love through the song does not need translation. On emotions, on the move in the voice is felt, I wanted to convey and I hope that it happened. ”

Univervidenie first passed in 2010 in Syktyvkar State University. After that, the initiative taken up by other higher educational institutions of Russia. And in Ufa Song Contest received a new status.

Ramil Bakhtizin, Rector of Ufa State Oil Technical University: “For the first time on our site it is presented in such a format. Seven countries are represented. And I think that now the competition will be released on such an international level and will be annual. ”

The concert hall packed to overflowing. Spectators loud applause greeted and escorted each artist. And backstage the singers they cheer each other as they can. To convey their feelings and emotions through song to the audience from different countries – not an easy task. That is why the spirit of competition is replaced by the international bonds of friendship.

The level of skill and the number of countries represented Univervidenie almost no way inferior to its analog Eurovision. And in some ways even surpasses it. Indeed, among the participants not only to European countries. Before going on stage artists visibly worried, but the feeling passes, they should barely be seen by the audience.

Sami contestants say that to take part in this song contest – it is a great success. In addition to showing off their vocal abilities, they were able to learn not only from their peers and competitors, but also professional artists.

Elina Khanyan, Univervideniya participant – 2016 / Armenia / “Very interesting place every stage of this competition. This is a great experience for every singer. As for the other contestants, they are very interesting, each in their own unique and somehow difficult to compare. Each flower its scent. ”

Trio «Kazah kizlari», member Univervideniya – 2016 / Kazakhstan / “In the international competition as a group for the first time in favor. And it was hard, because we have a great responsibility, we present here our Republic of Kazakhstan. We think that we did well. ”

Kazakh girls needlessly worried. His country they presented the best way possible. Interpretation of the Cossack folk song “Black Crow” in their performance was the winner of the “Univervidenie – 2016”.

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