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Russian musical project born in Syktyvkar University in 2010, opens up new frontiers.

From 24 to 28 June in the city of Ufa The II International Festival “Student Spring BRICS and the SCO countries.”

– Russian Student Spring BRICS and the SCO – a unique project. Here, young people from around the world will share their experiences in the fields of business, public diplomacy, journalism, art. Such platforms are needed to expand the horizons of young people, – said the Chairman of the Russian Union of Youth Pavel Krasnorutskiy.

The festival grounds are working in directions: “Univervidenie”, “Queen of Spring-2016”, “Art Hall”, “Mediavesna” and “Youth Forum of the BRICS and the SCO.” The festival began about 1 000 students from 15 countries, the BRICS and the SCO.

The work of the international “Univervideniya” organized a project team from Syktyvkar. In Ufa representatives left SSU them. P. Sorokin – head of the Center of student initiatives Jan Vershinin, director of the Center of volunteerism and volunteering Olga Babyuk, as well as the director of the final gala-concert “Univervideniya-2015” Alexei Poluboyarov.

The main idea of “Univervidenie-2016” international music project was the motto “Bringing the World.” In the music venue was attended by 9 teams from 7 countries: Azerbaijan, Armenia, India, China, Kazakhstan, Russia and Tajikistan.

Russia will be represented by the winner of the All-Russian musical project “Univervidenie 2015” Ida Toporova (Simon) of Yoshkar-Ola and Aslan Touskaev from Vladikavkaz.

Within two days, the participants, together with competition experts worked on their performances, some of the contestants attended master classes. Experts of the project were made by the producer channel “Music First” Boris Khludnev, lead singer of “Pizza” Sergei Prikazchikov, producer Sergey Harin, director of the program “Russian Student Spring” Irina Karikh, as well as members of the group “Balagan Limited”.

Fazli Salim, a representative of India, said that all the participants are very talented. As a child, music for Fazli was just a hobby, but after high school she realized it was her only passion, so in college took it professionally.

For the trio of the solar Kazakhstan “Kazakh Kyzdar” Ufa – a very hospitable city. Girls are already familiar with many of the guys from other countries. For them, the youth festival “Student Spring BRICS and the SCO countries” – the first international event. “Our main goal at this festival – to adequately represent their home country”, – assured the participants before going on stage.

The team of “Cossack Kyzdary” by a vote of experts and delegations took the first place, the second – Aslan Touskaev (Russia), the third – Ida Toporova (Russia).

Speech by the winners of the international “Univervideniya”

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