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Institute of Natural Sciences is a recognized center for training of chemists and biologists, ecologists and geologists, teachers of natural sciences in the European north-east of Russia.
The Institute is located in a separate, specially equipped school building and has modern laboratories, computer classes, a unique zoological museum and a library.

Also Biological Station and Botanical Garden are available to students of the Institute.

The Institute trains specialists in the following areas:


06.03.01 Biology
05.03.01 Geology
04.03.01 Chemistry
05.03.06 Ecology and Nature
44.03.05 Pedagogics
05.03.03 Cartography and Geoinformatics


06.04.01 Biology
05.04.01 Geology
04.04.01 Chemistry
05.04.06 Ecology and Environmental management
19.04.01 Biotechnology

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