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Dear friends!

Syktyvkar State University today is on the threshold of serious reforms. Their main goal is to create a high school on a modern level on the basis of a classical university.

Republic of Komi needs a qualitatively new institution of higher education that has the potential of its own development and is able to provide the economy and social sphere with qualified personnel. Our faculty has atrong research and management potential in order to solve this problem.

I think that the main criterion of universities evaluation is the demand for graduates on the labor market. Therefore, special attention is paid to the creation of a chain “school-university-employer”. It is important that an applicant has an idea about his future perspectives after graduation. We provide a wide range of training areas to those who finish schools. Our children should understand that by staying in the Republic, they can get good education and a decent job.

Balanced and rational approach is needed in the choosing the areas of studies. We want to be sure that our graduates will find jobs in their field, their knowledge and skills will be in great demand in economic and social sphere.

The way of reformation is never easy. But I am sure that by combining our resources, we can seriously increase the level of higher education in the Republic of Komi.

                         M.D. Istikhovskaya

SykSU Admission Office


October prospect, 55 Syktyvkar, Russian Federation


+7 (952) 422-94-90

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