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Teaching high school divisions:

  1. Institute of History and Law

– Department of History of Russia and foreign countries

– Department of History and methods of teaching social and legal disciplines

  1. Institute of Natural Sciences

– Department of Biology

– Department of Geology

– Department of Chemistry

– Department of Ecology

– Department of Science Education

  1. Institute of Exact Sciences and Information Technology

Department of Engineering Physics and Technospheric Security

– Department of Major technical disciplines and technology teaching methods

– Department of Information Security

– Department of Information Systems

– Department of Mathematical Modelling and Cybernetics

– Department of Applied Mathematics and Information Technologies in Education

 – Department of Radio Physics and Electronics

 – Department of Physics and Mathematics and Information Education

  1. Institute of Human Sciences

– Department of Political Science and International Relations

– Department of Finno-Ugric Philology and National Education

– Department of Russian and General Philology

– Department of Philological Education

– Department of Public Relations and Advertising

– Department of Journalism

– Department of Philosophy and Ethics

  1. Institute of Social Technologies

Department of Social Work

– Department of Theoretical and Biomedical Bases of Physical Training

– Department of Physical Education

– Life Safety Department

  1. Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology

– Department of Primary and Pre-School Education

– Department of General Psychology

– Department of General and Special Pedagogy

– Department of Theory and Principles of Education

  1. Institute of Culture and Art

– Department of Arts and Crafts

– Department of Design

– Department of Fine Arts

– Department of Cultural and Educational Anthropology

  1. Institute of Economics and Finance

– Department of Banking

– Department of Accounting and Audit

– Department of Financial Management

  1. Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship

– Department of Management and Marketing

– Department of Economics and Management Service

– Department of Economic Theory and Corporate Management

  1. Institute of continuing education
  2. Institute of individual educational programs
  3. College of Economics, Law and Informatics

Major courses:

Bachelor degree:

– Radiophysics

– Physics

– Tehnosphere safety

– Mathematics and Computer Science

– Applied Mathematics and Informatics

– Information Security

– Applied Informatics

– Chemistry

– Biology

– Geology

– Ecology and Nature

– Cartography and Geoinformatics

– Philology

– Journalism

– Advertising and PR

– Political science

– International relationships

– Economy

– Management

– Tourism

– Commodity research

– Jurisprudence

– History

– Design

– Folk Art Culture

– Fine arts and crafts

– Cultural

– Linguistics

– Social work

– Physical Culture

– Psychology

– Psycho-pedagogical education

– Special (defectological education)

– Vocational training (on branches)

– Pedagogical Education

Specialist’s degree:

– Medicine

Programs of secondary vocational education:

– Economics and accounting (by industry)

– Programming in computer systems

– Computer networks

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